Yakeshia Jenkins Named Global Campus Employee of the Quarter


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Yakeshia Jenkins, center, accepts the Global Campus Employee of the Quarter award from Cheryl Murphy, vice provost for distance education and head of the Global Campus, left, and Jamie Loftin, assistant vice provost for distance education administration.

Yakeshia Jenkins has been named employee of the first quarter by the University of Arkansas Global Campus.

Jenkins, ­a web designer on the Marketing and Communications team at Global Campus, was nominated for her outstanding work behind the scenes, improving the Global Campus website and tackling web design issues that can affect website content and presentation.

“I was shocked to receive the award,” Jenkins said. “I consider myself like a supporting cast member. It is nice to know that what I do is actually noticeable, that people see it. It makes me feel really good. A nice early birthday gift.”

Jenkins’ work primarily involves improving and maintaining Global Campus websites and addressing back-end software issues that filter, sort, hide and show information, and developing dynamic landing pages that provide a customized interface for the users. She also assists with email marketing for Professional and Workforce Development. Jenkins’ latest project is the creation of a user-friendly web page where online students and faculty can view current educational regulations and requirements for online learning in a specific state.

The coworkers who nominated Jenkins praised her work on projects that are outside her normal routine. This quarter, Jenkins stepped into the spotlight by assisting with a total redesign of the Global Campus website, production of the Global Campus Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Newsletter, and maintenance of the Global Diversity 365 website. Her efforts are a major contribution to Global Campus’s mission of equality and inclusion.

“YaYa is pleasant to work with in all situations,” her coworkers said. “I cannot recall a single instance where she was not open to suggestions or recommendations. She is just as open about providing constructive feedback for others. She is steady in everything she does, doesn’t become flustered or distracted, and can easily change gears when an assigned task requires it. She is in all ways a team player who will do whatever it takes to support her coworkers and the efforts of GC.”

“YaYa always strives to develop digital tools and environments of the highest quality,” Leonard Ridley, manager of web design services for Global Campus and Jenkins’ supervisor, said. “YaYa’s technical knowledge and experience are crucial to the enhancement of messaging, visual appeal and ease of use. I’m very happy for YaYa in receiving this well-deserved recognition.”

Cheryl Murphy, vice provost for distance education and head of the Global Campus, recognized Jenkins as the employee of the quarter at an October staff meeting.

“We appreciate Yakeshia’s outstanding service in support of Global Campus’s positive and effective online presence,” Murphy said. “Her work and the joy with which she approaches every task truly demonstrates our commitment to upholding the university’s academic goals and priorities.”

Jenkins has worked part-time for various colleges across the U of A campus since becoming a student in 2013. She started as a part-time web designer at Global Campus in September 2019 and moved into a full-time position in March 2020. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the U of A that same spring.

The Global Campus awards the employee of the quarter to recognize outstanding achievements and accomplishments that relate to the unit’s goals and the U of A mission. The award recipient receives a commemorative certificate and a monetary award. The four quarterly awardees may then be eligible to become the Global Campus Employee of the Year.

Other first quarter nominees include:

  • Jerin Crandell, post-production supervisor, Media Production
  • Erin Dickey, workforce development coordinator, Professional and Workforce Development
  • Kris Katrosh, media production manager, Media Production
  • Carolyn Smith, faculty development coordinator, Learning Technology Support
  • Lesley Speller, student engagement specialist, Learning Technology Support
  • Jaime Tucker, senior recruiter for online programs, Recruitment and Student Outreach
  • Colleen Whitman, online student support manager, Recruitment and Student Outreach

The Global Campus supports the U of A academic colleges and schools in the development and delivery of online degree programs and courses, self-paced online courses, and workforce development programs. This unit provides instructional design services, learning technology support, media production services, and assistance with financial administration, recruitment and marketing.

The Global Campus also supports the W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship, which is open to undergraduate and graduate students studying in online degree programs.


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