The truth of the matter about Gigs, Gs and other world wide web internet marketing jargon


By Dan Miller

SPONSORED — My telephone operates on 5G. I also just noticed a bunch of advertisements about “10G”. Is it 2 times as quick? Our community internet corporation, Ziply Fiber, just introduced a 10 Gig strategy. Is that the very same?

If you’re perplexed by world-wide-web technologies and marketing and advertising jargon, you are not alone. Here we split down the vital variances so you can make an knowledgeable conclusion.


Web options are promoted with speeds in Gigabits per 2nd (Gbps) or Megabits for every second (Mbps). The Gigabits (also acknowledged as Gigs) or Megabits show how a lot “stuff” (movie, audio, video games, social content material, emails) can get by at the identical time.

Most residential prospects are on options amongst 50 Mbps and 1 Gig. “Gig-pace internet” means a approach offers a obtain pace of 1 Gigabit for each next, or 1,000 megabits for every next.

Upload/Down load Speeds

A small-regarded point is that most organizations only list and market place their down load speeds, so if you see a cable web supplier listing 200 Mbps, for example, that is only the obtain velocity. Even so, the add pace is equally important – it’s how rapid you send out factors to the world-wide-web, like your picture and voice on a video clip contact – and it is usually just a portion of the obtain speed. When download and add speeds are asymmetrical or uneven, you may possibly listen to folks say that your online video is frozen on a call, or the audio is cutting in and out, meaning your connection is very likely resulting in difficulties.

Fiber-optic net plans, like people from Ziply Fiber, are symmetrical, meaning they always offer the very same add and download speeds. This signifies superior general performance with no lag or buffering.

For the greatest online working experience, glimpse for symmetrical upload and download speeds.

5G = 5th Generation Wireless

5G only stands for 5th Generation and is the technological innovation typical for broadband mobile networks currently. When you see the “5G” image on your phone, it is linked to your provider’s 5th Generation network.

The 5 does not signify 5 instances quicker and doesn’t indicate 5 Gigs. In truth, in accordance to Ookla, the wireless provider with the quickest 5G pace exam for Q1 2023 experienced an ordinary down load pace of just 220.70 Mbps, a fraction of the pace customers can obtain versus a usual gig-velocity fiber program.

10G = Network Name

There is been a whole lot of promoting for this these days, but let us be distinct, contrary to with 5G, 10G does not imply 10th Technology since there was no 7G, 8G or 9G. It is just what a cable enterprise named its network.

At this place, world-wide-web company companies (ISPs) touting 10G are often alluding to speeds that are nonetheless in advancement and confusing the public about what speeds they can supply by making it seem like they have 10 Gig designs. In most locations, plans advertised on a cable 10G community currently best out at 1 Gig download with a much decrease upload velocity, since quite a few of these networks operate on older copper-based mostly know-how designed for sending Tv signals and not the modern day web that a fiber-to-the-house community is designed for.

10 Gig = Extremely-Quickly Speeds

If 1 Gig = 1,000 Mbps, then 10 Gigs = 10,000 Mbps. Which is the latest velocity tier from Ziply Fiber, a short while ago named Fastest ISP in the West by CNET, when they launched the region’s first 10 Gig fiber-to-the-dwelling network in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Residential fiber 10 Gig online is manufacturer new, and those people who want to get benefit of its mind-blowing speed currently are in all probability really serious content material creators. It also can make gaming and higher-definition movie streaming a blast.

What pace do I want?

Not all people demands a 10 Gig or even a 5 Gig program. Ziply Fiber’s most well-known options are their fiber 2 Gig and 1 Gig strategies, which present extremely-speedy, reliable, symmetrical upload/download connectivity to permit you to do every little thing you want on line seamlessly throughout numerous related products.

If your requires are minimum, then a standard fiber system like the 100/100, which presents 100 Mbps obtain and add speeds, delivers a quality connection suitable for checking email, searching and streaming at a extremely cost-effective price.

Bottom line: on fiber-optic world wide web, you will not practical experience aggravations like buffering wheels and peak-time slowdowns. And bear in mind: not all “G”s are established equivalent.


Dan Miller supports Ziply Fiber’s communications efforts in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. More information about the business and its work to carry fiber to communities across the Northwest can be uncovered at or by calling 1.866.699.4759.

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