5 Ways SEOs & Digital Marketers Use ChatGPT


Science fiction results in being a truth! We can now interact and use points we ended up applied to looking at in films everyday.

A person of the new groundbreaking systems is ChatGPT, which will modify how we do the job A Good deal!

As a programmer, I at first did not think that it could resolve innovative duties, but was stunned by observing how handy it can be in my day by day lifetime. So I began playing all around and found the approaches I’ve identified it practical and wanted to share.

Here are five ChatGPT illustrations and valuable ways Website positioning specialists and marketers can use it for day-to-day marketing and advertising responsibilities.

Compose Frequent Expressions In Analytics Reporting

Normal expressions can be utilised in composing analytic studies these as Google Research Console or Google Analytics. Typical expressions are one particular of the most dull responsibilities I know, and it could actually slow down operate. For entrepreneurs, it is even tougher, as they don’t have a complex track record.

Let us glance at an case in point of GSC’s reporting, which supports filtering by regexp.

GSC Query Filter by RegexpScreenshot of GSC Query Filter by Regexp, January 2023

If you are a marketer with no specialized track record, you could uncover it hard to use this element and limit yourself to the several fundamental regexps which you can discover by exploring dev-related message boards.

Now you have ChatGPT at your disposal!

Just go to ChatGPT and ask:  “compose common expression which begins with “How To” or “What is” case insensitive using RE2 syntax

ChatGPT ResponseScreenshot of ChatGPT response, January 2023


(?i)^(?:How To|What is)

It acquired the occupation accomplished instantaneously. Just duplicate and paste in the GSC’s filter subject, and you will have all the queries which are candidates to improve for FAQ or HowTo schema.

GSC reportScreenshot of GSC report, January 2023

Really quick, is not it?

You can use it to compose regexp for GA stories as perfectly. For case in point, let us say you want to filter a report which has in the URL words “Samsung” and “phone”. Just ask ChatGPT “compose common expression which consists of phrases “Samsung” and “phone” circumstance insensitive applying RE2 syntax ”.

Just to observe, it is significant to mention “RE2 syntax” in the command, as Google’s reporting dashboards assist that syntax.

Compose Complex Spreadsheet Formulas

Anyone works with Excel or Google Sheets. It is in everyone’s day by day get the job done existence, and you know how it is sometimes hard to compose spreadsheet formulas as you must do exploration to come across the function title you require and then devote 10-15minutes in figuring out how to make it function.

Now it just takes you to inquire ChatGPT a command like: “Google Sheet formulation which copies all rows from sheet1 wherever column "A" contains word "apple iphone"“.

And it didn’t get extended to get the option.

Google Sheet Formula ChatGPTScreenshot of Google Sheet Formula established by ChatGPT, January 2023

But, the formulation it gave =Question(Sheet1!A:Z, "Find * Where A Is made up of 'iphone'", "Sheet2!A1") has a little mistake. Of training course, ChatGPT does not normally offer 100% appropriate responses. You must examine often and deal with it manually. The formula I got is 99% right, apart from the 3rd parameter should not be there. So I eliminated it manually and now have =Question(Sheet1!A:Z, "Select * Where by A Has 'iphone'") which functions perfectly!

Setup Customized Pixel Conversions

If you are a PPC marketer or an Search engine optimisation professional who would like to set up custom conversions when consumers carry out sure actions on the web site but never have a web developer’s support, it could be quite tough in some cases. Sure, you can use Google Tag Supervisor in a lot of conditions when consumers click on the url, but you could want smth. diverse, which is not a created-in characteristic of GTM.

For case in point, you require to mail a conversion occasion when a single lands on your landing web page and scrolls through 35% of the site. Now you do not require to employ the service of a developer to get the occupation finished. Just go to ChatGPT and inquire: “deliver Fb pixel custom made conversion occasion once as people scroll through 35% of the website page employing JavaScript” and it will do the magic!

JavaScript code firing custom facebook pixel eventScreenshot of JavaScript code firing tailor made Fb pixel event, January 2023

You can copy and paste this code in your tag of HTML, and you are completed. If you have a WordPress web-site, you can use plugins these WPCode to make the work much easier. Alternatively, you can use Google Tag Manager personalized HTML tag to add your JavaScript code there.

It saves you time to come across a developer for small everyday jobs you have or even if you have a dev. workforce, you can drastically decrease their workload by doing it by yourself.

Optimize FAQ and Featured Snippets

Search engine optimisation experts may perhaps need enable acquiring connected queries from buyers to optimize material for a certain search term. You can use ChatGPT to get these related questions to make your written content far more practical. If you have a journey website, you might request: relevant thoughts relating to "cozy towns in Germany" and ChatGPT will draw lots of queries which truly make feeling.

ChatGPT Keyword ResearchScreenshot of ChatGPT doing search phrase study, January 2023

Of class, there may possibly be ones that really do not make sense, but they will do 90% of the task. The concerns it suggests could not have any research quantity, but it is even now truly worth going just after them simply because zero-lookup volume search phrases may generate significant visitors.

Fetch Knowledge from APIs and Coding

Let’s say you have a WooCommerce Keep and want to fetch all products and solutions you have with their prices into a Google Sheet. Now you can only ask: “google application script which fetches all solution names and costs from WooCommerce Rest API and adds into a spreadsheet” and you are performed.

It gave me a thoroughly useful code:

function fetchProducts()
var url = "https://yourshop.com/wp-json/wc/v3/solutions"
var options = 
  "system": "get",
    "Authorization": "Basic " + Utilities.base64Encode("YOUR_Client_Crucial:YOUR_Client_Secret")

var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options)
var json = JSON.parse(reaction.getContentText())
for (var i = 0 i < json.length i++) &#13
  var name = json[i].name&#13
  var price = json[i].price&#13
  // Do something with the product name and price&#13
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet()&#13
for (var i = 0 i < json.length i++) &#13
  var name = json[i].name&#13
  var price = json[i].price&#13
  sheet.appendRow([name, price])&#13

It sometimes may give a code with a small error that you need to fix manually, like in the above example of the Google Spreadsheet formula.
The coding ability of ChatGPT is going to be especially useful when working with Zapier. If you have ever used Zapier, you know it has a Zap called “code,” which is for advanced users. If you have data in a certain ugly format that needs to be fixed now, you can just ask ChatGPT to fix it, and use it in Zapier custom code to clean up the data.


There are talks that ChatGPT is going to replace humans, and many professions are just going to die out. In my personal opinion, it will not happen, but it will make life easier in different industries and professional fields.

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