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Contractors, who utilize various metrics to measure their work efficiency, handle essential tasks like building, repairing, designing, and installing. Ranging from general contractors constructing decks to large-scale commercial contractors raising skyscrapers and schools, contracting businesses are lucrative. However, the industry’s competitive nature necessitates an effective contractor marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness and attract the target audience. the Internet has continued to be a major force in the marketing of contractor services, builders and tradespeople need every advantage they can get in the digital economy.

One of the best ways to get ahead as a contractor or local business online is to incorporate strategies like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, keyword research, link building, and focusing on technical SEO elements. All these are integral components of search engine optimization (SEO), as part of your digital marketing campaign. Including your profile on ‘Google My Business‘ and ‘Yelp‘ is also a crucial step in this process, making sure that your services can be found by searchers using various platforms. Understanding Google’s search algorithms, a robust marketing strategy that includes SEO, and performing comprehensive keyword research are all key elements in boosting website rank. These ensure that contractor websites stand out in Google search results, contributing to increased visibility for relevant terms. Contractor SEO Agencies or a proficient marketing agency, leveraging these strategies, can be powerful partners in generating new clients, as well as managing phone calls and other communication channels. SEO services for contractors specifically focus on the search intent of people using search engines when looking for contracting companies and independent trade professionals. With the right custom contractor SEO strategy in place, it’s possible to see a huge boost in your website’s online visibility, authority, website traffic, search engine rankings, and trust in the communities you serve.


Finding the Right Contractor SEO Company

When considering local business search optimization, including strategies for improving your Google My Business listing, there are many options available in terms of SEO for contractors, and many contracting professionals simply don’t have the time to put in the research needed to find the best. There are plenty of digital marketing companies on the web that provide quality SEO services, often with different pricing structures, but not all of them specialize in serving contractors exclusively. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top five SEO companies for contractors to help you sift through the clutter and get down to business:


Top 5 SEO Companies for Contractors

Best Overall SEO Company for Contractors –Internet Marketing Geeks

Best SEO Company for Large Contracting Firms –Contractor Gorilla

Best SEO Company for Specialized Contractors –Builder Funnel

Best SEO Company for Independent Contractors –On the Map Marketing

Best SEO Company for Commercial Contractors –LeadsForward


How We Compiled Our List

When looking at the best SEO companies for contractors, we examined several criteria, including specialization, service options, and company culture. We also looked at case studies provided by each candidate to determine if their experience was a good fit for our list. Lastly, we examined auxiliary digital marketing services offered by each candidate as these can often be the perfect complement to SEO when trying to move beyond the awareness stage of a sales funnel.


1. Best Overall SEO Company for Contractors – Internet Marketing Geeks

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  • Internet Marketing Geeks provides contractors with in-depth information about the various types of SEO and offers a thorough SEO audit to identify opportunities for improvement, including organic search strategies that can be beneficial to help improve visibility, drive organic traffic, and gain search engine rank on the web.

  • The company also provides contractors with in-depth information about the various types of SEO that can be beneficial to help improve visibility, gain search engine rank on the web, and enhance the appearance on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

  • Internet Marketing Geeks also provides a range of additional services to contracting professionals to boost online presence, including social media marketing, email marketing, website design and development, and the creation of compelling website content.

  • Contractors seeking an SEO campaign can engage Internet Marketing Geeks for personalized strategies. They consider factors like individual goals, geographical location, target audience, and potential customers‘ behaviors. This strategic approach enhances user experience on their web pages, thus promoting higher conversion rates.



SEO for contractors is all about getting the most visibility for contracting businesses in online search results. Although all of the SEO companies we looked at for this list provide excellent service in the contractor SEO process, Internet Marketing Geeks came out on top.

Internet Marketing Geeks caters to a diverse range of contracting professionals, leveraging their years of experience in providing SEO services. They place particular emphasis on on-page optimization, keyword research, understanding Google’s search algorithms, and using Google Analytics to monitor performance. This comprehensive approach ensures high-quality results that boost a contractor’s website ranking. We like the fact that Internet Marketing Geeks offers real-world data on the agency’s website to show how they have effectively transformed the online presence of real-world clients. It’s one thing to talk about how good your services are, but it’s another to show it.

Another important distinction is that Internet Marketing Geeks places a strong emphasis on strategy when it comes to SEO for contractors, with special consideration for securing new clients through a comprehensive marketing campaign. This is vital since contractor SEO requires a tactical approach. The wrong strategy can lower the effectiveness of SEO, and it can waste time and resources in the process. The right SEO strategy can deliver results faster and make a lasting impact that doesn’t require a lot of afterthought.

The competition for a higher website rank can be fairly high for construction companies and contracting businesses in certain regions. However, Internet Marketing Geeks prioritizes creating unique local strategies for each client, optimizing their business profiles in the digital landscape, and carefully curating citations. This attention to detail enhances brand awareness and provides a seamless user experience, making them our top choice for contractor SEO.

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2. Best for Large Contracting Firms – Contractor Gorilla

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  • Contractor Gorilla, an experienced marketing agency, serves several different trades in addition to general contractors, making sure that their services are easily accessible on mobile devices. Plumbers, HVAC companies, and electricians can all turn to Contractor Gorilla for SEO services.

  • Contractor Gorilla’s website features a large gallery of work the agency has completed for contractors. While this gallery doesn’t directly show the results of its SEO services, it provides a look at the quality of digital design services the agency offers.

  • Contractor Gorilla has been in business for over 14 years, and this kind of experience lends credibility to the company as an excellent choice for contractor SEO services.



Large construction companies often have different needs when it comes to SEO, including targeted keyword research, content marketing initiatives, and a focus on local search strategies. Larger firms usually handle big development projects that can involve many different professionals in various other industries. As such, SEO for contractors in this realm often centers around keywords and backlinks from authoritative sites that are known in the industry. This is as opposed to keywords homeowners or small business owners might use to find a contractor.

Contractor Gorilla fulfilled all of the requirements for a strong local SEO company for contractors. The agency serves general contractors as well as other professionals in various trades like electrical, plumbing, and roofing. We think this is important since contractors aren’t a one-size-fits-all monolith, and contracting professionals often offer various services that include work traditionally handled by tradespeople.

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3. Best for Specialized Contractors – Builder Funnel

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  • Builder Funnel works with remodelers and custom home builders to create websites and handle SEO.

  • Specialty contractors who need help gaining exposure on social media platforms can turn to Builder Funnel for help with social media management.

  • Builder Funnel also provides technology audits to contractors to ensure the right digital tools are in place to promote efficient digital marketing efforts.


Specialized contractors tend to focus their digital marketing efforts on a narrow subset of customers. They may work locally or nationally, but because they provide specialized services, SEO becomes all the more important in attracting customers looking for the specific services on offer. This is true for custom home builders and specialty remodelers, many of whom turn to Builder Funnel for contractor SEO and digital marketing.

Builder Funnel is a full-service SEO agency for specialty and general contractors, and they made our list because they only focus on contractors in the home construction sector. This allows their team to focus SEO efforts on the challenges contractors face in digital marketing, including ensuring that the websites they design are found above the competition in search engine results pages.

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4. Best for Independent Contractors – On the Map Marketing

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  •  On the Map, Marketing supplies contractors with SEO services as well as web design and PPC ad solutions.

  • The agency’s website states that On the Map Marketing has successfully generated over $40 million in revenue for its clients while generating over two million leads.

  • On the Map Marketing also provides SEO services for contractors in individual trades, including plumbing, roofing, and HVAC.


Independent contractors, often catering to potential local business customers within a smaller radius, may operate solo or with a small team. They ensure a consistent brand experience across web pages, including providing a clear phone number for easy contact. They often utilize their Google My Business profile to engage with the local community and attract new clients. They often take on jobs that may not be a good fit for large contracting firms. In terms of SEO for contractors, independent professionals will usually want to show up in searches related to local jobs. Once again, search intent plays a big role in SEO for independent contractors, and with a keen understanding of the target audience‘s needs, on the Map Marketing stands out as a superb choice to address local SEO challenges, ultimately helping to improve conversion rates.

We chose On the Map Marketing for this list because of the agency’s approach to contractor SEO. On the Map Marketing not only provides digital marketing services to contracting companies, but the agency also offers services to contractors who specialize in various trades. This can be very important to independent HVAC technicians, roofers, and plumbers who may not operate in the capacity of an employee of a larger company.

Check Out On The Map Marketing



5. Best for Commercial Contractors -LeadsForward

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  • LeadsForward places a strong emphasis on lead generation through SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing services, even helping to list businesses in relevant directories, exclusively for contractors and home services professionals.

  • LeadsForward is the only agency on this list that mentions specific services for solar contractors, and this can be a big selling point as sustainable energy has gone mainstream.

  • In addition to contractor SEO, LeadsForward provides content marketing services, including strategic content writing and business profile enhancement. This allows contractors to provide their customers, leads, and prospects with authoritative digital content that builds trust and positions them as experts in their field.


Commercial contractors often work on large-scale projects that involve commercial properties like office buildings and manufacturing facilities, which require a tailored SEO campaign focusing on targeted keywords and effective link building strategies. This can mean commercial contractors need SEO solutions that attract online searches from large businesses, franchises, and development partners. Additionally, government and civics organizations may partner with commercial contractors to work on large projects in partnership with public works funding. LeadsForward can provide contractor SEO services for commercial contractors along with website design, content writing, and ensuring the website content is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

What we found interesting with LeadsForward is that the agency calls explicitly out solar contractors. This is of interest because many new construction projects and retrofits and remodels incorporate solar elements these days due to the rising demand for sustainable energy solutions. This also opens up more opportunities for commercial contractors who want to call attention to their solar installation offerings in new building projects, potentially generating more interest and qualified leads.

 Check Out Leads Forward


Things to Consider When Choosing an SEO Company for Contractors

Although any of the companies listed above can be an excellent partner for contractors seeking SEO services, there are some things to consider before getting started, including:

Your Plan for Growth

You want to think about your plans for the future when looking for a contractor SEO company. Perhaps you plan to expand to new areas in the future, or maybe you want to focus on providing one type of specialty service in your hometown. Whatever your plans may be, make sure your SEO partner can work with you to accommodate growth and changes. Internet Marketing Geeks struck us as particularly well-suited for contracting firms that have an eye on future growth.

How Hands-On You Want to Be

When you partner with an SEO company for contractors, you’ll likely be asked for some initial input about your goals. From there, your SEO partner will handle the rest. There are, however, some contractors who prefer to be more hands-on with anything involving their businesses. If this is you, try to find an SEO company that can work with your requirements to be involved beyond the initial discussion period.

Where You Want to Focus Your Efforts

Another important factor in SEO for contracting businesses is where to focus your efforts. Some SEO companies for contractors specialize in local SEO, meaning they work on the various elements of SEO that affect ranking in searches targeting specific cities, towns, and states. Others take a broad approach that encompasses regions and the entire country or even the world. The size of your company and the scope of its abilities can affect this, so your target geographical area is something else to think about when choosing an SEO company for your contracting services.

Competition for Specialized Services

Some of the contractor SEO firms we included on our list above provide solutions for specialty contracting businesses. When looking for an SEO partner as a specialty contractor, you’ll need to consider the amount of competition you face for your services. Competition is going to be a concern with any type of SEO service for contracting professionals, but it becomes an even bigger deal when competing in limited markets. When services are limited, competition tends to become more fierce, so you will want to rely even more heavily on your choice of SEO partner to help you gain an edge if you provide specialty contractor services.

Make SEO a Core Part of Your Plan

Irrespective of the type of contracting professional you are or the nature of the contracting business you represent, making SEO a core part of your plan is crucial. Emphasizing elements such as on-page optimization, keyword research, link building, and thorough Google analytics assessment enhances your contractor website‘s visibility and user experience. Online searches continue to play a huge role in lead generation for contractors locally, and nationwide contractors can use SEO to attract business from government partnerships.

Getting found higher in search results is a proven way to generate more leads, so whether you go with our top pick of Internet Marketing Geeks or another agency on our list, you’re sure to experience a boost in revenue.

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